Robert Mitchell

A Brief Biography

Brought up in the Cornish Town of St.Austell, it was at West Hill School that I was first encouraged to pursue what talent I had in drawing and painting by a very generous form teacher Mr.Shephard. As my interest developed, I became a junior member of the St.Austell Arts Club, where I came under the tutoridge of a certain Mr.Burbridge, a lovely man to whom I owe a lot.

After leaving West Hill School I continued my education at Cornwall College and the now defunct Redruth School of Art, where I came under the direction of the formidable Miss Hall.

After leaving college I moved to Exeter where for the next 42 years I pursued a career in the printing industry, marrying a local Exeter girl and raising two children in the process. During this time I continued to paint mainly as a hobby, doing the occasional commission. It was not until the mid 90s that I started to market on a commercial basis.

Cornwall had always remained close to my heart and in 2001 my wife and I returned to my roots when we moved back to the duchy, setting up home in Porthleven where we reside today.